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Masks of

Myths & Legends

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Women greatly admired and worshiped in ancient times - many of the world's myths and religions. Each Goddess possessed supernatural powers and attributes and worshiped.


Adorn your walls with a Mystic Masque. Find the Goddess you relate to, or want and share their powers. From Winter to Warrior, we never recreate the same Mask… it would dilute their power!


Each Mask is created from a handmade Italian Venetian mask. The masks are hand-painted with acrylics, adorned with crystals, feathers, and ornaments, and found objects, and designed based on the Goddess they represent. 


And now we offer 'Gifts of the Goddesses' items and DIY MessageWare.  These Goddesswares are containers that allow you to keep all your special goddesscenteric items, like elixirs, spells, and the essence of warriors.

Want a custom order or have a question?  You can contact me @

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